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Our Mission

To bring alumni, family, friends, and supporters together to help equip the USF football program with the resources necessary to continue its winning legacy. 

The Coo Legacy Football Association (CFLA) is a 501(c)(7) nonprofit organization (pending approval) for the purpose to help fundraise and support the University of Sioux Falls Football Program. 

Board Members

President - Alex Anderson

Vice President - Trevor Holleman

Secretary - Josh Clark

Treasurer - Robbie Arend

At Large - Dan Boyle

At Large - Demetrius Washington

At Large - Austin Vanhove

At Large - AJ Garrow

At Large - Matt Pepper

Committee Members


Trevor Holleman

Micki Slykhuis

Cory Slykhuis

Thuro Reisdorfer

Casey Peters

Jeremy Barnes

Josh Veurink

Brett Jensen


Austin Vanhove

Josh Clark

Robbie Arend

Zach Rutten

Damon Olson

Al Hansen

Joe Moen


Demetrius Washington

Dan Boyle

Matt Pepper

A.J. Garrow

Rocky Rehfeldt

Brady Schwebach

Jason Appel

Ty Smith


Alex Anderson

Kathy Ehler

Chad Birger

Mitch Lupkes

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