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Connect. Fundraise. Network. 

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Our Mission

To bring alumni, family, friends, and supporters together to help equip the USF football program with the resources necessary to continue its winning legacy. 


The CFLA organizes ongoing opportunities for the USF football community to connect with one another and stay engaged with the program, fundraises through membership dues and various events to supplement the financial needs of the program, and provides a platform for those associated with the program to network with one another. 


A message from
Coach Jim Glogowski:

"The Coo Football Legacy Association is a critical part of our program's success. I am excited and grateful to have such a strong support system that has been created to provide our current players with a unique college football experience. The CFLA, with its collection of Coo football supporters, is truly a GAME CHANGER for our program. Our coaching staff works with the association to identify priority areas where the financial contributions of its members will make an immediate impact. I encourage you to join the legacy and become a member today!"

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